It is with real pride that University Community Music Programme and St Cecilia School of Music heads into 2014 as the Principal Sponsors of the City of Launceston Philharmonic Orchestra.

The CoLPO is so incredibly important to Launceston – it would be hard to imagine a 21st century city existing without a vibrant and dynamic arts scene and the CoLPO is this city’s leading performance ensembles, from its diverse and engaging concert programmes to its belief in what music can and does bring to our communities.

We believe, that leading performing arts organisations , we also have a huge role to play in  and have a real responsibility to ensure the greater Launceston community has access to quality music experiences.

University Community Music Programme and St Cecilia School of Music are pleased to contribute to the continuing success of the orchestra and we’re looking forward to a 2014 concert season that is full of outstanding artists, new works and exciting collaborations.

We applaud the orchestra who continue to rise to the many challenges that are still presented to them and perform at the highest level both in concert and throughout the many activities they undertake within our communities.

We hope you enjoy the 2014 season and wish you all the best for the year.

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The LPO is proud to be the orchestra of this community. Your donation will ensure we continue to bring orchestral music to greater Launceston area. There are a variety of ways you can donate to the orchestra, click on the link to find out how.

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June 2023

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