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We are always looking for new players. There are always opportunities for string players of sufficient standard, and there are regularly opportunities for new wind, brass and percussion players.

If you are interested in being part of the LPO then please read the guidelines below and complete the Expression of Interest Form at the end of the page.

Entry as a player

Players wishing to join the City of Launceston Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) should apply to the Orchestra Manager.  An audition or trial period may be required.  We may call for expressions of interest for any position.

The LPO often plays demanding works which require a playing standard of Grade 6 AMEB (or equivalent) for strings and Grade 7 (or equivalent) for wind and brass players.

Performance Standards

We strongly encourage community participation and we are also committed to maintaining and improving playing and performance standards.  The Orchestra Management Team, comprising the Musical Director, the Orchestra Manager, Concertmaster and representatives from the string, wind, brass and percussion sections, is responsible for these setting and maintaining standards.

We will talk to a player who is not meeting the required standard with the aim of improving his or her performance.  A player who is still not reaching the required standard may be asked to withdraw from a particular concert or concerts or from the LPO.

Rehearsal and Concert Attendance

Preference will be given to players who commit to attending all or substantially all rehearsals.  Players who we think have not attended enough rehearsals for a particular concert may be asked not to play in the concert.  The number of rehearsals required will depend on the playing standard of the player and any prior arrangements made with the Orchestra Management Team.

Section principals should make sure they have a full section at each rehearsal.  A player who cannot attend a rehearsal should advise the principal, and if in a solo position (any position other than rank and file strings) should help the principal to try to find a replacement player for the rehearsal.  The principal and OM should maintain a list of players who may be prepared to assist in this situation.  Principals should keep the OM informed and advise as early as possible if a replacement player has not been found.  If a player does not attend a rehearsal without first contacting the principal, the principal should contact the player to find out if there is a problem.  The same procedure applies if a player is unable to play in a concert or concert series, but the OM should be advised of the problem when it arises.

Players not in solo positions who are unable to play in a concert series may attend rehearsals at the discretion of the Orchestra Management Team but will be asked to withdraw from rehearsals in enough time to allow the Musical Director to adjust balance and seating.  Players in solo positions who cannot play in a concert series may attend rehearsals only until a replacement player is available.


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The LPO is proud to be the orchestra of this community. Your donation will ensure we continue to bring orchestral music to greater Launceston area. There are a variety of ways you can donate to the orchestra, click on the link to find out how.

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