Audition Information

Each instrumentalist is required to attend an audition in order to be eligible for consideration for the LPO.  All applicants are required to perform a short piece of their own choice, without an accompanist.  It is recommended that candidates choose a work (or section of a work), which addresses the following points:

  • Clearly demonstrates the applicant’s technical proficiency
  • Emphasises the applicant’s musicianship
  • Perform contrasting musical material
  • No more than 5 minutes in length

It is not required that you perform a complete works as it is acceptable to perform selected passage of a longer piece is acceptable.  Due to time constraints, the audition panel may elect to hear only part of the piece.

Orchestral excerpts

You will be required to prepare and perform a set of orchestral excerpts.  These excerpts will be available for download from the IMSLP.


Glinka: Overture from Ruslan and Lyudmila (,_Mikhail)#tab3)

  • Strings Bars 1-20
  • All instruments piu mosso before the end

Tchaikovsky: Finale (Andante maestoso–Allegro vivace) from Symphony No. 5, Op.64 (,_Op.64_(Tchaikovsky,_Pyotr)#tab3)

  • All Instruments Rehearsal Letter “Z” to the end

If you are unable to audition on your instruments scheduled day please phone the contact the Audition Panel Convenor on 0408140831 as soon as possible to reschedule your audition.

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March 2023

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